15 Minutes of Fame

15 Minutes of Fame

It’s said that everyone in their life gets 15 minutes of fame. What if you were able to pick how you were famous for those 15 minutes?

I decicided a long time ago that I want to be rich and not so famous.  But since we all inevitably get this 15 minutes, I decided I’d spend my 15 minutes at the top of the Google. At first this may sound like a waste but I’m not talking about being the top Steven Lutz, I’m talking about building a website which consists of 6.3 million pages all of which would be at the top for 15 minutes for various search terms simultaneousely. Now lets say for example that these pages are products and this website gets one order for 100 visitors and I pocket 5% of the retail price and in that 15 minutes for argument sake each product gets viewed once, we would have a sale every 63000 visits and if every item sold for $1 I would walk away with a little over $3k. So maybe that’s not too impressive but what if the average retail price was a little more realistic but not too high, say $30? I really couldn’t imagine spending my 15 minutes of fame doing anything but making $100k. That’s of course if the math off the top of my head is correct at 4:30am.

2 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Fame

    1. Well I didn’t give away the whole idea… just enough to make you wonder how I plan to pull off such a thing or just make ulyou think I’m crazy. Haha.

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