“Hold My Beer” – The Interpretation

“Hold My Beer” – The Interpretation

“Hold my beer”, It’s heard when hanging with friends, around campfires and the like. If you didn’t know, this is merely a clue for whats to come next. If you’re new to this phrase, please don’t complain; but instead shut up, hold the beer, grab your camera and pay attention. When you hear the key phrase, it’s clear that the following event is serious enough for the stunt man to part with his beer. “hold my beer” can be safely interpreted into “watch this!”, “get your camera..”, “stand back” or any other phrase signifying the need to document all following actions and to remove yourself from harms way.   The following event may be simply cool, the winning attempt at a meaningless competition between friends or possibly found on an unseen episode of  ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’.

Regardless of if the stunt-man escapes the act uninjured or is hauled off in an ambulance, be sure to return said beer to it’s rightful owner.

There is no way to tell where ‘Hold my beer’ instances originated from, however it’s fact that it’s spread throughout the U.S. and beyond. we know this because of these various you-tube videos that have been posted from various corners of the globe. Enjoy:




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